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Personal training should be exactly that... personal. I work directly with all my clients, creating personalized strength-training, cardio and nutrition plans for each one of them. With regular bi-weekly or weekly check-ins, you get constant feedback and tweaking to ensure constant progression and that your plan is fully customized and adapted to you, for your goals. 

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I have always said that fitness is like that friend that always manages to swoop in and save the day when things seem to be getting out of control or you simply feel like you need to press the reset button in life. I was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease when I was fifteen, and had to grow up rather quickly, as I was exposed to countless doctors, tests, treatments and surgeries. While the situation was frightening and stressful for me, I saw the stress, anxiety and fear that my family experienced as well. I decided right then that my body was the most valuable gift that I had ever been given, and I needed to step up and fight for its health for both myself and my family. Fitness and nutrition became an integral part of my healing, and I have been healthy and strong now for 15 years. This life-changing situation also inspired me to want to help others to respect and change their lives through fitness and health, which is why I became a Master Personal Trainer, along with specialty areas in Fitness Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Therapy, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness and Weight Loss and Body Sculpting.  I believe that anyone can improve their lives and find their true self-worth and purpose, and I love being an integral part of that journey.


I also have a very strong background in athletics, as I was Captain of an AAU Junior Olympic Volleyball team. I really found a passion for helping others to dig deep and realize their potential physically, mentally and emotionally. The obvious choice for me was to continue a career in health and fitness!


Life's obstacles were meant to be difficult, and the true glory is in knowing that you have what it takes inside to push past the limits we all place on ourselves.


Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle... Perfectly Balanced